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Wizard Skill Builds

Below are some good leveling diablo 3 wizard skill builds that I would suggest to use. They are intended to help you maximize your damage, reduce deaths and be able to level your wizard as fast as possible. At the end there is also a few level 60 wizard builds that I find to be good. Make sure you have “Elective Mode” enabled in Diablo’s settings so that you can place any ability in any slot you wish.

Wizard Skill Build Levels 1-9
This Build uses Magic Missle as the signature spell, Ray of Frost to slow down enemies while doing good damage to them and a Frost Nova to get yourself out of sticky situations and Arcane Orb for some extra AoE damage.

Wizard Skill Build Levels 10-19
Here you finally get to start using Electrocute as your signature spell. You will still use Ray of Frost to slow and damage enemies and you now put the Snow Blast Rune on it to increase its damage. Frost Nova to freeze targets in place, Arcane Orb for good AoE damage. Diamond Skin as your primary defensive to keep yourself alive. Slow Time to slow enemies, and later it will increase the damage you do to them by 20%. You finally get to pick up your first useful passive Glass Cannon for a 15% damage boost.

Wizard Skill Build Levels 20-29
The major differences in this skill build is that you now get to pick up Disintegrate and throw the Convergence rune on it to hit more enemies. Pick up Teleport with Safe Passage as a defensive to get away from mobs. Add Time Warp to your Slow Time to add 20% damage bonus to the enemies caught in your bubble. The Passive skill Prodigy will help you with Arcane Power Regeneration from using Electrocute.

Wizard Skill Build Levels 30-39
In this build the major upgrades is Archon which will give you significant damage boost on demand (IE during boss fight) and you also obtain another passive ability Astral Presence which will increase your Arcane Power pool and regeneration.

Wizard Skill Build Levels 40-49
Not a lot of changes here. Electrocute will now give 1 extra Arcane Power for every enemy it hits. Archon has a reduced cooldown.

If you are taking too much damage you can replace Archon with Slow Time with Time Warp to also add 20% damage bonus to the enemies caught in your bubble. such as this build:

Wizard Skill Build Levels 50-59
Disintegrate now increases its damage over time with the Intensify rune. At this point having more defensive is a really good idea so Slow Time with Time Warp is added back to the wizard build.

Level 60 Wizard Skill Builds

High Damage Wizard with some Defensive abilites

Electrocute x 5 activates Arcane Dynamo, then Meteor for an extra 75% damage. Disintegrate will do good damage and wider beam to hit more targets. You can Teleport every 2 seconds for plently of escapes, 3 extra Mirror Images so that you can get out of sticky situations. Archon and improved archon for maximum damage.

Passsive skill Glass Cannon, well it makes you a glass cannon – increasing your damage by 15% with 15% less armor and resistances.

Prodigy will allow you to build up Arcane power quickly by using Electrocute so that you can drop more Meteors.

Arcane Dynamo will allow you to use meteor for an increased 75% damage to the meteor ability, or any other non-signature spell you wish to use..

If arcane dynamo has a low proc rate then switch Arcane Dyanmo to Astral Presence for the extra arcane power and arcane regeneration like this build:

Maximum Single Target Damage Glass Cannon


Keep familiar up for a 12% damage boost, pop Slow Time with Time Warp rune on the enemy for an extra 20% damage, Magic Weapon with Force Weapon Rune for increased Ray of Frost damage, spawn Hydra for more damage and to apply the fire effect (Don’t use a rune on Hydra, it needs to stay fire).

Glass Cannon boosts your damage by yet another 15%, Conflagration will allow your Hydra’s damage to boost your damage to the enemy by 10% for 3 seconds at a time and Cold Blooded increases your Ray of Frost damage by another 20%.

This build is by far the most damage you can do to a single target (IE Boss).

Frost Kiting and AOE Wizard Build

Needless to say you have many, many slows and AoE spells starting from Ray of Frost with Numb rune for improved slow. Frost Nova to freeze your targets to the ground and Cold Snap rune to reduce the cooldown. Blizzard for AoE damage with Grasping Call rune to also apply 60% slow. Ice Armor with Ice Reflect rune for a 25% chance to create Frost Nova on the attacker and does 75% weapon damage as Cold. Teleport with Fracture Rune.

Passives include Glass Cannon for damage, Prodigy for Arcane Power regeneration and Cold Blooded to increase your Cold damage.
As the saying goes…you can’t kill what you can’t catch.

What are your favorite Wizard Skill Builds? If you have suggestions or comments leave them below.

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