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Blizzard announced today that shortly after the release of Diablo 3 they will be adding a Character Profile Interface to their website that will allow you to show off how far you have progressed, number of enemies you’ve killed, playtimes of hardcore heroes, your equipment, skills and much more.

This is essentially a Character “Armory” for the gamers that are familiar with World of Warcraft. I personally like how the interface for the character profiles looks so far. You will be able to see which class the player uses most, their gear setup, progression, artisan levels, fallen hardcore heroes, the skills they use and the attributes are also really well laid out. It even shows the gear that your followers are wearing.

Diablo 3 Character Profiles   Diablo 3 Character Profiles
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With that much information being readily available about your characters hopefully Blizzard will place some sort of “private” feature to the character profiles if you don’t want your “secret skill build” or “the perfect equipment setup” being shown. From the images it looks like the Battletag requires the numbers at the end, so that may be the privacy feature….I guess we will have to wait to see if the character profiles are searchable without that number.

What do you guys think about displaying your gear, skill and follower setups? Should there be a private setting?

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Official Forums)

Shortly after the launch of Diablo III, we’ll be adding a new feature to our official site. Profiles will let you review all of your character information at a glance, share it with others, and check out the accomplishments of the other heroes out there.

You’ll be able to look at your heroes (or your friends’ heroes) from any page on the Diablo III site through our personalized menu. If you’re curious about the exploits of your fellow forum posters, it’ll be a simple matter to click over to their profiles and feel envious of their gear or how long they’ve managed to keep their Hardcore characters alive.

Our first profiles release will include these two elements:

  • A career tab that displays all of your heroes, how far you’ve progressed in the Diablo III campaign, how many foes you’ve slain, the names and playtimes of your fallen Hardcore heroes, and more.
  • A heroes tab that shows off your equipment (including dyes, socketed gems, all equipment bonuses, etc.), your attributes and skills, the skills and equipment of your Followers, and more.

We’re planning to add tabs that’ll show off your artisans and achievements as well. Profiles will be available on the site sooner rather than later, but you should feel free to share your suggestions and thoughts in the comments section below or in the Website Features forum.

We’ve also been hard at work on a ton of other website content, available to help you sharpen your knowledge and prepare to face the forthcoming onslaught. On Monday, May 14, you’ll be able to browse an updated Items section, which will include Legendary and Set items, as well as some specific hand-crafted items. In addition, you can:

See you in Sanctuary!

- Blizzard Web Team

Trying to figure out what class you want to play? Check out Blizzard’s preview to the Wizard, Demon Hunter, Barbarian and Monk below.

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